About Us

We are a family team of dog lovers Myself Rachel , Daughter’s Robyn , Ellie, Sadie & Harriet . And our latest member to join the team are Bethany Flatt & Jessica Pickering. Since 2005 we have run a very well known , established & reputable breeder.

Due to my close contact with all my new puppy owners over the years I have learnt to appreciate just how important our furry family members are & due to the fact I’m a dog owner myself to Shar pei’s which are a very unique & loyal breed of dog who’s behaviour & social needs must be understood to build any close bond with them , also Shar pei stress when in new environments and don’t kennel well at all ! With this in mind ‘POSH POOCH MOTEL ‘ was created in 2010.

Here at ‘Posh Pooch Motel’ we offer an alternative to dog boarding kennels . We are a unique home from home dog boarding service & also doggy day care where your dog will live in our home as part of our family . Posh Pooch Motel is set in a semi rural position on a private Lane where your dog will enjoy daily walks in the surrounding 14 acres of farmland .

We understand the great lengths dog owners will go to , to ensure their furry loved ones are always in a loving, caring & safe environment . An here at Posh Pooch Motel you can rest assured your dog will have a fantastic enjoyable holiday all of their own !

We look forward to your stay here at Posh Pooch Motel.