5 Star
that's what our Alfie (British Bulldog) and Missy (Boston terrier) think of Posh Pooch Motel, and we totally agree. My partner and I were looking for a doggy babysitter that would look after our dogs within their home as we didn't want them in kennels and after finding Posh Pooch Motel we took the plunge and have never looked back. Rachel and her lovely family have taken care of our dogs on numerous occassions now and everytime we have been so happy with the way they have cared for them, we get updates and we get photographs while they are staying so we never have to worry. Not only do they get wonderful care, they also get to socialise with other doggies and people, one big happy family. We can't thank Rachel and her family enough, highly reccommended.
Trisha, Ken, Alfie and Missy xx Submited on 15th April, 2013

5 Star Pooch Motel!!!
I own a Golden Retriever named Toby who use to go into kennels whilst I was away but after several kennels and several bad experiences I was beginning to struggle. Some close friends of mine recommended Posh Pooch Motel. I made the phone call as holidays coming up but was also worried about leaving Toby in someone elses house in case accidents happened or he made a mess. However, after speaking with the owner I was very reassured to hear that Toby would be more than comfortable, fed well, walked well and especially cuddled well. You could tell from speaking to the owners they are well and truly doggy people and that was their way of life! I more than happily booked Toby in for a week. I went away with huge peace of mind and as my choice, they kept me informed of how he was. I came home to a very happy, spoilt doggy who literally had, had his own holiday. The whole family had been fab with him and I was just so happy. I have been away on several occasions since in which Toby continues to go to Posh Pooch Motel. He is so happy to go there as when I took him kennels I practically had to drag him in! As Posh Pooch Motel, he legs it in and settles in minutes. It's lovely to see and I still get my jollies!!! I am due to go away again soon in which Toby is booked in for again. They are life savers for both me and Toby. I also have another puppy now who will also go there in the summer. He is a French Bulldog named Bert. I am sure he will settle just as well. The Posh Pooch Motel is such a high standard of care. You can see it in the owners and then environment. I am so pleased they are there for me and would never ever go anywhere else!!! This really is a 5 star motel!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miss Millington. Submited on 23rd January, 2013

Posh Pooch Motel
We have known Rachael, Ian and the girls at Posh Pooch Motel since we were lucky enough to purchase our beloved French Bulldog Coco from them in May 2010. Since then they have become our extended family. Coco spends numerous weeks through the year with Rachael and the gang and is treated like a proper little VIP !! (Very Important Pooch) Coco loves spending time with Rachael, Ian and their lovely girls, Harriet is Coco's best friend !! We now have Coco's puppy Princess and she also stays here. It truly is a home from home and we wouldn't leave our kids anywhere or with anyone else. If you adore your kids as much as we do our Coco and Prinny, and you worry about how they are being looked after and if they are ok while you are away. Then look no further than The Posh Pooch Motel I promise you they will love it here !!!
Miss O'Neill. Submited on 18th January, 2013

5 Star-- How all Home Boarding Should Be !!!!!!!
I cant praise Rachel and Ian enough in such a small review ! If like us, you truly care about you dogs when you go away, and are constantly worying about them when you are supposed to be relaxing, then this is place to take your dog. After leaving " Harley", our very timid Shar Pei, with other establishments whilst away, she always came back lethargic and seemed down, although glad to see us. We took her to another a dog minder who lost her on a walk and it took us 3 days to find her, we were paranoid about who to take her to next or we would would just not bother and stay at home ! Rachel came recomended to us and after a one night trial, we could not believe the difference when we picked her up, she had obviously been spoilt rotten and wasnt too bothered about heading for the door to get home!! We would not take our dog anywhere else and have always been very happy with Rachel and Ians outstanding customer and doggy care, they are true doggy people and it shows right from the first time you meet them..
Mr Astbury. Submited on 16th January, 2013

5 Star home boarding for your pooch
When our weimaraner lab cross, Jodie was about 6 months old we were going away on holiday and really did not want to kennel her. We came across the "Posh Pooch Motel" advertised in our local post office and made arrangements with Rachel the owner to meet Jodie. Rachel is amazing, as is her other half Ian and the girls who are all doggy mad. Rachel's knowledge of dog behavior and confidence with new dogs instantly puts you at ease. As Jodie was still quite young when we first took her we where really worried about her mouthing and rather boisterous personality in a home environment especially with 4 children in the house. We needn't have been worried, the whole family are used to having dogs around and treat them as their own. Whilst we were away Rachel sent us a text with a picture of Jodie stretched full length on their sofa with the girls tucking into a chewy bone they had given her. Since then Jodie is a regular visitor to the Posh Pooch Motel and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rachel to look after your dog. Jodie is a big part of our family and now when we go away we can go with the comfort of knowing that Jodie is having a holiday of her own in a homely environment. Rachel is a true professional when it comes to looking after dogs and will instantly put you and your beloved pooch at ease. You will not find a better environment to leave your dog when you go away, whether its for 1 night or 2 weeks. Total peace of mind that does not cost a fortune.
Mr Hanblett. Submited on 15th January, 2013